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Darkness that can be felt, darkness that creeps inside you. If you want to experience how the real world and the shadowy world merge, you should have seen Frankenstein Castle. The only Halloween in a 1000 year old castle ruin. Scare zones, which strain your nerves. Lots of creatures lurk for you in the terrain. Sweat and adrenaline make the visit a physical experience for you.

Crass, eerie and with even more sophistication, the newly designed Halloween party at Burg Frankenstein casts courageous guests under the spell of horror. Shows and scary action that freeze the blood in the veins strain the nerves of the visitors. Sweat is in the air, the adrenaline lashes through your body – not for the faint of heart and yet the ultimate Halloween party pleasure.

Deceptive appearances: Frankenstein Castle is a popular destination for cyclists and hikers, and the panorama restaurant with great events is an in-place for many visitors. But on the gloomy Halloween nights nothing remains as it was: the walls, which are over a thousand years old, become a place where the evil and the dark take possession of you.

For the 43rd time, Frankenstein Castle invites you to one of the largest Halloween parties in Germany.

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