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Mysterious deaths and real murders play the leading roles again at the Hamburg crime festival at the beginning of November. Exciting crime stories await you, presented by national and international authors.

Hamburg Crime Festival 2021

The 14th Hamburg Crime Festival will take place from November 2nd to 6th, 2021 and will again boast many talented crime writers. Thematically, like every year, it revolves around crime, bloodshed and lots of unsolved murders. The Hanseatic city also becomes a crime scene again and again. In addition to the authors, you can look forward to great actors and presenters. The crime festival takes place as a 2G event. Therefore, the children’s program for little detectives has to be canceled this year. 

This year’s highlights

The festival will open with a crime reading by Jean-Luc Bannalec. In his novel “ Breton Idyll „, Commissioner Dupin has to uncover the murder of a sheep farmer on a small Breton island. But the island and its inhabitants are full of secrets.

For the first time a play will be shown as part of the festival. The psychological thriller “ Therapy “ from the successful novel of the same name by Sebastian Fitzek will be performed. The piece already premiered at the Hamburger Kammerspiele. The story is about the psychologist Viktor Larenz, whose daughter disappeared without a trace a long time ago. The case was never resolved. But suddenly an unknown woman appears who seems to know more.

Finally, the crime festival has a very special ace up its sleeve. The successful German crime writer Sebastian Fitzek reads from his psychological thriller “ When a playlist makes the difference between life and death „. The novel is about the sudden disappearance of 15-year-old Feline. The only clues give the investigator a playlist that Feline downloaded before she disappeared. However, the list of songs changed after Feline’s disappearance. Is Feline sending signs?

Hamburg newcomer

Anke Küpper is one of the newcomers to this year’s festival at Kampnagel. In her crime thriller “ Tod an der Alster „, a cosmetic surgeon is hit by a bus. The incident ends fatally. Chief Inspector Svea Kopetzki is investigating the case and determining whether it is really an accident or whether there is more to it.

Another newcomer will be Eberhard Michael with his book “ Frau Helbing und der Verschollene Kapitän „. The crime lover Miss Marple clears up Hanseatic criminal cases in Michaely’s novels. In this crime thriller, she tries to find out more about the fall of a carer for the elderly out of the window. Ms. Helbing is certain: it must have been murder! In addition to all these events, other exciting readings await you on five evenings that will put you in a state of shock. 

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