Lade Veranstaltungen

October 3 marks the „Day of German Unity“ ever since the GDR and West Germany reunited in 1990. Since then, the day is celebrated as a public holiday – but the festivities are less excessive than one might think.

After decades of being separated, October 3 marks the „Day of German Unity,“ a public holiday that celebrates Germany’s reunification. After the end of World War II, Germany was split into the German Democratic Republic (GDR) – also referred to as East Germany – and The Federal Republic of Germany – also known as West Germany.

In 1961, this split was manifested by the Berlin Wall, which didn’t just stretch through Berlin, as the name might suggest, but through the entire country, separating entire families for decades.

A peaceful revolution in the GDR led to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the following year, free elections were held, which resulted in the GDR being dissolved and Germany officially reuniting on October 3.

Ever since, the reunification day is celebrated as a public holiday in Germany. But the celebrations here aren’t as elaborate as one might think.

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