Lade Veranstaltungen

The „Winterzauber“ Christmas market (formerly the Great Berlin Christmas Market on the Allee) attracts with a multitude of fast-paced rides that are great fun for young and old.

The „Winter Magic“ Christmas market, with its origins at the Berlin Cathedral in the twenties, is the oldest hype Christmas market in the eastern part of the city. Even back then, it stood out for its rides and trains, as well as many colorful stalls with roasted almonds, hot punch and a wide variety of delicacies.
Huge area for the Christmas hype
Over the years, the thrill of the Christmas hype wandered to many places in the city. Stops included the Schlossplatz, Alexanderplatz, the Planetarium and the United Nations Square. The tradition was continued under the title „Big Berlin Christmas Market on the Allee“ on Landsberger Allee on a huge one around the Ikea furniture store. In 2021, a new operator will be luring fairground fans to Lichtenberg under the name „Winterzauber“.
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