It is about to be 2 years since the COVID-19 pandemic started and there is no doubt that it has impacted in all of our lives. The change has been in all the aspect of our daily life. However, if there is something that suffered a huge impact is the service industry. In which restaurants, hotels, bars, pubs, stores, and more have faced a real struggle in order to keep their business alive.

The battle for those stores is not finished yet. But we are witnesses that slowly and taking the right steps, following the rules, they have been able to keep their business on float in order to provide their products and services to the people that need them. Since we, as consumers and social beings, need these spaces for different purposes, not only to have fun (which is definitely nothing bad about it). But with so many months in lockdown, being inside our homes without being able to socialise with anyone outside of them. The need of going to a restaurant, an event, bar, or anywhere started to grow day by day.

Thanks to the growth of this need, the government thought and implemented the bridging aid for tents and umbrellas.

But in case you have never heard about the bridging aid, here is a summary about it:

The bridging aid is a new programme made by the Federal Government to help small and medium size companies that have suffered the loss of income due to the pandemic. Thanks to this new initiative, some companies will be helped with assistance to cover some costs involved in their business such as:

  • Rents and leases for operational buildings, land and premises necessary for the business activities of a company.
  • Interest expenses for credits and loans.
  • Share of financing costs for leasing rates.
  • expenditure on necessary servicing, maintenance or storage of fixed assets and leased assets, including IT.
  • expenditure on electricity, water, heating, cleaning and hygiene measures.
  • Land taxes.
  • Operating license fees.
  • Insurance, subscriptions and other fixed expenses.
  • Costs for tax consultants or auditors incurred in connection with the application for Corona bridging aid.
  • Costs for trainees
  • Personnel expenses during the period of support that are not covered by short-time working compensation are subsidised at a flat rate of ten percent of the above-mentioned fixed costs. Cost of living or an employer’s salary are not eligible.
  • As travel agencies are particularly affected, commissions that owners of travel agencies have repaid to tour operators due to Corona-related cancellations are also treated as the above-mentioned fixed costs.

To add to the list, we have the bridging aid for tents and umbrellas. Which is an awesome idea nowadays, with the covid-19 because people want to be in open spaces rather than closed ones. Thanks to new technologies that grant the quality of tents and umbrellas, now it is also possible to be outside in any season of the year since, not only when the sun shines and it is warm outside. During the cold months it is also possible because of the material that they are made of which helps heat to stay inside the tent.

MainZelt is a company that provides these products to a large number of companies that want to start to implement this new idea of being outside in open spaces. The success of MainZelt comes from a long trajectory full of quality products and brands that trust them to bring solutions regarding tents and umbrellas. The use for these products is not only for restaurants, bars, pubs and other stores that would like to use them to make the experience of their costumers comfortable. But also, they provide these items for events, festivals and other activities that involve being outside with the option to customize them. Their products don’t stop there. But they also provide different sizes, shapes, materials and guidance to get you the most suitable product regarding your need.

In the present, almost every sector in the industry is taking over the sidewalks or streets as a commercial space and make their consumers feel safe by being in a place where there is fresh air all the time. If you are interested in starting to apply this idea to your business, don’t doubt to contact the specialists at MainZelt who can offer help and guidance on this matter.

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