We are in August; the month were the wine city of Wurzburg gets covered by the beautiful African traditions. In case you didn’t know, we are talking about the “Africa Festival”. The biggest of this topic in the entire continent of Europe. As you can imagine it’s a cultural event where you can find everything related to the south-neighboring continent of Africa.

Firstly, launched in 1989 by the Würzburger Afro Projekt, a working group for the promotion of African culture in Germany. This promotion of the culture has been successful since year after year, more locals and tourists are attending the event. How do we know this? Well more than 120,000 visitors have been counted in the last years.

The festival always begins in the last week of May and took place on the Talavera-Mainwiesen in Würzburg until 2012. In 2013 the festival had to be canceled due to flooding. The organizers then announced that the festival would take place elsewhere in the future. Nowadays the event is taking place in Mainaustrasse.

What will you find in the African Festival?

Well besides literally everything, we can let you know some specific things, such as music, food, art, fashion, etc.


Various African artists perform in the event, as well as from the Caribbean, from reggae to DJ’s, every country shares their culture and artistic gifts. This year there will be present:

DJ HI JOHN from Jamaica.

LEBO from South Africa.

ADJIRI and DJ NOMI from Ghana.

DJ MISTA WALLIZZ from Senegal.

AMI & WALLY WARNING Good vibes with Caribbean roots.

SALIOU CISSOKHO & FRIENDS from Senegal and Guinea.

JISR // BRIDGE from Morocco.

CUBA VISTA from Cuba.

DJ FREEGAH from Nigeria.

JAHCOUSTIX from Germany.


Every year is different, this year people who attend the festival will be able to enjoy dishes from Senegal, Ethiopia, Morocco and Cameroon, among others.


This year there are again fine wines for connoisseurs. There will be 3 wineries from South Africa – Thandi, Cape Dreams and Africa Terroir from the Cape region – to present their wines. All companies produce wines of the highest quality. In support of the new South Africa, the Africa Festival sells red, rose and white wines and sparkling wine.


The talented designer Rama Diaw from Saint Louis, Senegal who created modern African fashion and accessories using local materials such as batik and indigo fabrics. All the products she makes are with materials from Senegal, Mauritania and Mali. Rama Diaw will present her fashion show in the festival with unique pieces, definitely something you must see.

Photo Exhibition:

The Africa Festival has repeatedly presented exhibitions, some of them by famous photographers. Now is the time to reduce our inventory and sell some of the photo exhibitions for a good cause. The proceeds go to the Africa Festival Foundation, which supports the AB Jobarteh School of Music in Gambia and Mama Africa’s school in Guinea. Both projects were founded by African women. Afro Project supports these two institutions as we believe that education in Africa is the best weapon against ignorance, intolerance and poverty.

Because of the current situation of Covid-19, the festival had to be organized for it not to be crowded and give space between the people who attend. Meaning that different times and slots have been scheduled for it.

For more information about this cultural event, you can visit https://www.africafestival.org/

Who would have thought that the small city of Wurzburg could host the biggest African festival of Europe?