Probably you have never heard of this term, and we don’t blame you! Not many people outside of Germany knows the Bocksbeutel , but we will tell you more about it.

The “Bocksbeutel” is used to store wine, but not any wine, exclusively the wine from the Franconia region . This has been done since the Middle Ages and will continue to be done. In the vicinity of Wenigumstadt a Celtic clay vessel of a similar shape was found on Franconian ground. The scientists dated the vessel to around 1400 BC.

Moreover, no one outside Franconia and parts of Baden can bottle in such a place. Even in China, the copyright status ensures that in the Far Eastern country  only true Fran-ken-wine  must in Bocksbeutel.

Now, if no one outside the mentioned regions can use this bottle, what kind of wine can be put inside? Well, any of the wines that are made in the region (obviously).

Therefore, one of them is the famous Silvaner, which is unmistakable and reflects the charm of Franconian culture, landscape and people. There have always been myths about the origin of the Silvaner. For a long time, the original home was assumed to be in Asia Minor or Transylvania. However, genetic analysis revealed that the Silvanerrebe arose from a cross between the Austrian white and the Traminertape. The latter is one of the world’s oldest types of wine. Enjoy Silvaner properly!

Next time you decide to visit the Franconia region you will recognize the Bocksbeutel immediately and will be full on knowledge about this unique and full-on-history piece that identifies the wine from this part of Germany.