In terms of German festive tradition, a traditional Oktoberfest is usually the first that springs to people’ minds. But this is only a small part of what Germany’s festive tradition has to offer. Apart from the wonderful Christmas markets in the cold winter months, countless wine festivals await you in the summer. Viticulture, which is traditionally part of German culture just like beer brewing, takes place in a total of 13 approved wine-growing regions. Wether in wine-growing regions, big cities or urban villages – you can find festivities celebrating the popular grape juice all over Germany.

What makes the celebration around winemakers, vintages and grape varieties so worth experiencing?

Apart from the wonderful atmosphere combines with the up-close experience of wine culture, a stage is created for the wines made in the region. In addition, the festivals often offer a cultural program – from athentic regional dishes and the opportunity to taste exquisite rarities to concerts and street parades – you can find everything. 
Plus it’s the perfect opportunity for you to meet with winemakers and locals. 

A small selection of the most beautiful wine festivals in Germany

  1. Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt
    With almost 700,000 visitors it is the largest wine festival in the world.
  2. Winzerfest Groß-Umstadt 
    In the spotlight are the wines of the growing region “Hessische Bergstraße”. In addition, the wine festival gives an amusement park especially for the young visitors. 
  3. Miltenberger Weinherbst
    Enjoy an exquisite selection of Franconian wines and delicacies in a romantic atmosphere.
  4. Hofgarten Weinfest Würzburg 
    Tasting excellent wines with the Würzburger Residenz in the background.
  5. Stuttgarter Weindorf 
    More than 500 wines from Baden-Würrtemberg can be tasted here in the center of Stuttgart.
  6. Rothenburger Weindorf 
    Once a year the Green Market in the middle of the Old Town is transformed into the Rothenburger Wine Village.


A quick guide for your next wine festival: On this website you can see all wine festivals in Germany – just select your destination and you are ready to go!