It is a bit late to talk about Spring, but it is never late to talk about the celebration involved in the beginning of the month.

If you are from Bavaria, you know what I am going to talk about … The Maibaum.

But if you are not from Bavaria, stay tuned and get to know everything about the “Maypole”

Starting the 1st of May, the decorations on tree happen, often decorated with decorative signs, is set up in central places in towns and communities.

In addition, a competition among the towns and cities in Bavaria to determine where the tallest and most magnificent tree will be erected.

Furthermore, another competition takes place, which is stealing among the lad’s communities in the neighbouring communities. Before jumping to conclusions, we are talking about the stealing of the three…

Yes, you read correctly, this is a popular and exciting competition. The tree, which has to be felled several weeks before the day of installation, can be “stolen”. Besides being guarded by the community population and fraternity, this happens frequently. Now, return negotiations are necessary, because a large amount of beer is agreed as the trigger, which is then drunk together at the handover.

When this takes place, the strongest hands in the towns are used. According to an old tradition, the tree is erected on command with thick long poles called “swabs”, which are tied together to make “scissors”. This work can take two hours.

Nevertheless, not everything is about a competition. There are festivals that come along with the maypole, where you can enjoy brass music, food and drinks. Guests and the local population are cordially invited to cheer on the exhibitors. In many places, traditional ribbon and folk dances around the tree or the choice of a May Queen ensure fun.

Now you are ready to brag about knowing a bit more about the German culture and traditions.