As you may all know, the famous Romantic Road is located between the wine city of Würzburg and the mountain city of Füssen. The route crosses the charming Tauber Valley, the geological hotspot of Nördlinger Ries, the picturesque Lechfeld and the idyllic Pfaffenwinkel region at the foot of the Alps in Bavaria.

But besides the unique scenarios, natural gems and cultural hotspots, the Romantic Road has much more to offer. Something that no one is talking about, that is why we are going to tell you more about it …

The less-known aspect is the festival culture that the towns along this road celebrate proudly and happily every year. Furthermore, we have made a list with the festivals celebrated in each city.

Just like the Romantic Road, we are going to start with the wine city of Würzburg, famous for their Weinfest (obviously). The extraordinary fact about this known festival is that it is celebrate around the whole city, as well as in the countryside.

Following, we have Rothenburg ob der Tauber and their legendary Taubertal Festival. If you are a rock and pop lover, let me tell you this event is for you. The awaited event lasts for 3 days and each year gathers around 18,500 spectators.

Moreover, in the picturesque city of Dinkelsbühl, the Summer Breeze Open Air takes place, which is a hard rock and metal festival. Celebrated since 1997, every year over 40,000 rock lovers ascend to the event to enjoy the live bands on the stages.

In contrast to the previous, we move to Augsburg and their Brechtfestival. Where readings, concerts, theater performances, workshops, projects with schools, round tables and competitions will take place during the event. This multi-day festival celebrated in honor of the Augsburg-born Bertolt Brecht, All which is being held every year since 2010 around the poet’s birthday on February 10th .

Next on our list is the town of Pfaffenwinkel, where the SlowFood takes action. So means, that this event is for people passionate about cooking and eating, they invite everybody who are interested in good, clean and fair food to cooperate, because there is also a lot to do with food in the Pfaffenwinkel.

Lastly, in Füssen they celebrate the Schindau Festival in August. The hosts of this event are the residents of the old town Schindau and they welcome not only locals but anyone interested in beer and hearty specialties from Bavarian cuisine.

In conclusion, the Romantic Road has much more to offer than those beautiful landscapes. In fact, they offer something richer than that, which is the local traditions and spirit from the residents. Of course, in this list we have only mentioned some of the various events done along the road. Where you can find anything from food, beer, literature, music, and more.

For the next time that you think of visiting the Romantic Road … Remember, that you have much more to explore than cities and towns. Therefore, you have to explore the traditional festivities that will lead you to view and experience something unique.