It is not a secret that during the last year there has been a pandemic that has affected every industry in the world, however, this unfortunate event hasn’t stop us, and won’t stop us.

When it comes to festivals, people feel very optimistic, happy and excited. How can we blame them? Festivals are amazing!

All the festivals and events have been canceled one after the other because of the continues spread of the virus, however, the organizers of several festivals decided to go on with their celebrations but in a different way, virtually.

Although we know it is not the same as physically being in the festival, but for some people assisting to a virtual festival was (and is) a way to “get out” of their head and the current global situation, in order to celebrate through a screen with someone from the other side of the world and get back those old memories of dancing under the stage lights.

Do you want to know some of the festivals that have been done during these last year? We have made a list of the most known ones:


  • Hay Festival: inviting writes and readers to come together for live broadcasts and interactive Q & As. More than 100 writers, policy makers, historians and innovators will join the virtual event.
  • Big Book Weekend: it is a free virtual festival supported by the BBC and the Arts Council England. During the past year, they were able to bring 28 sessions and more than 24,000 views.


  • Tomorrowland: the organizers have announced a weekly live stream on Youtube with top DJs performing live from their homes, they also said that it is a digital 3D festival weekend that you can access from any PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world .
  • Glastonbury: it was expected for 2020 to celebrate its 50 th anniversary, however they decided to go on with it but virtually with the BBC broadcasting the event in which superstars such as Adele, Coldplay, Beyonce, Artic Monkey and many others are part of.

Food and drink:

  • Virtual Food Festival: launched in the spring, with the participation of chefs Rick Stein and Angela Hartnett, in order to connect communities to local suppliers. During this event, it is included different recipe demonstrations, expert cooking tips and showcasing the produce of small business.


  • Some of the biggest film festivals across the globe have come together to create We Are One: A Global Film Festival, this is a digital only 10-day event, with the support of Youtube and Tribeca Enterprises, many joined such as Sundance, Venice, Berlin, BFI London, Mumbai, Marrakech, New York, Sydney and Tokyo. The program will present feature films, shorts and documentaries, free to watch on YouTube, with donations being taken for the World Health Organization’s Covid-19 fund.

We don’t know how the festival industry is going to back to what we used to enjoy once, but what we know is that the spirit to celebrate and increase our serotonin is still on the mind of many big companies and organizers. Which lead us to think, are virtual festivals the new normal?